Street Style Queen: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is not my favorite model ever but she is my queen of street style. Every time this bitch steps out of the house, I get my life every single time.

Her looks are so chic, classy and causal. They can take you from to the movies, to club, to classroom hunty. She is a great example of how to wear basic pieces and make them new every time. She has the best handbags everrrrrr. I need every single one asap. Also I feel like guys are also able to wear this looks as well with some changes to the outfit. Marie Claire literally has collection of her best street style looks. I thought that I would share some of favorite looks with you.

Old Navy has a sweater for men in this color. LOVEEEEE

 (The only type of fur that I think is okay to wear is vintage fur)

Need to get my waist trainer asap. LOL JK

So you are running late to class, a meeting or a date with your sugar daddy, think of some of these looks and slay the gameeeee. 

Thanksgiving is coming soon, so I want you to write in the comments below three things that you are thankful for. Mine are my lovely family (which included my family), my health, and food and yes, I said food, don't come for me

Remember to...

Respect yo'self, Love yo'self, Treat yo'self



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