Meeting Garance

On November 5, the gorgeous Garance Dore was having a book signing at Club Monaco store in the Copley Mall. I thought I would share this amazing moment for you guys and gurls.

I still can't believe that I actually got to meet her. I have been a HHUGGE supporter of her since liek 2012. I remember freshman sitting on my day watch her Pardon my French videos eating hot pockets and drinking a Arizona green tea (delicious college combo). She is is so a positive influence on me to not give up on your dreams.

It wasn't like normal book signing that I have seen or hear of. I mean you waited in line but you actually get to sit and talk to her. You probably think that oh obviously you can talk to her but like ACTUALLY talk to her. When I was talking to her, she was more interesting in talking about me than herself. I was like "Girl let me give you the T". She gave such good advice on making it in the fashion industry like to stay true to yourself even when you are the odd one out.  She also told me that I had AMAZING STYLE. Having someone who won a CFDA award, been in numerous fashion magazines like Vogue, who sits front row on Chanel Haute Couture and any other fashion shows tell you something like that, it is a moment to remember.

After meeting the lovely Garance Dore , I met up with my brother and we went to Wagamama's and it was so good YASSS LAWDDD.

Gotta have little wine to end the night on a good note.

 It was good to catch up with my brother, now that he is so busy being a teacher (Shutout to all of the teachers out there. RESPECT)

It was such a amazing experience and I will remember it forever. Thank you Garance for just being you and the advice.

Always follow your dreams and don't let a damn soul tell you other wise.So I am going to need you too...

Respect yo'self. Love yo'self, Treat yo'self



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