Je me suis réveillé comme ça

I was asked to be featured in a "Fashionisto of the Week" on my friend's Daya Hamer blog called Dayloustyles. She has amazing blog where she posts about trends, styling, and topics in the fashion industry. Also, the layout of her blog is fucking sick too. Slay MAMA YASSSS.  

My sweater says "I woke up like this" in french.

Denim Jacket- Old Navy
Sweater - Brother's (looks better on me, no shade tho)
Pants - Old Navy
Striped T- shirt- Old Navy
Scarf - Zara

Photos were take by my best friend, that's my best friend Leeza Smith of Leeza Smith Productions. She also has a blog were she posts her feelings on topics such as dating, self love and life experiences. 

Hope that everyone is having an amazing week. Shoutout to all my friends at JWU that are done this trimester. I wish the BEST of lucky to you all. So like always I am going to need to clench your pearls hunty and....

Respect yo'self, Love yo'self, Treat yo'self



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