Where are my Remote Gworls at??

 Hey Hi Hello Who What's up

How in the hell is everyone doingggggg? The days are moving so fast, yet so slow. It's giving very much 2021 in italics.

As some may know, I started a new job in November of 2021, and it's fully remote!  So no early morning commuting for me honeyyy. I mean, I was remote working for most of 2020 and 2021 but still.

I think we can all (most of us) say that working from home has been the best thing since Back that Ass up dropped in the early 2000s.  You were able to save money, spend money, work on at-home projects, watch TV, take naps, order Uber Eats (they stay taking all my damn money), wear sweatpants, gain weight, lose weight, and more; like gworl, I can go on and on. And as someone that is a homebody, LORD JESUS, this is the lifeeeeeee babyyyy.

Working remotely has been interesting for me. I love not having to rush for the train and trying to squeeze my cute ass in with all them people. Or waiting in line in that aggressive ass Dunkin line to get my iced coffee. Or having to sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day; having to kiki with your the coworkers even though you don't want to. I can be free in a way.

But I'm not going to lie, I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle. Sometimes moving through the outside world is so inspiring. Seeing all of the people walking around trying to get to work. All of the looks that people are rocking from the current season. Smelling the morning air (it's not fresh, tell you that) lets you know that it's the start of a new day. I miss working from my overly decorated desk, giving very much fashion girl. I miss talking smack with coworkers, walking to the break room to get the leftover foods from business meetings. Or dancing at the office happy hours with random people in accounting. It was such a fantasy.

But the fantasy is over, and Covid is here. I'm very grateful to have a position that gives me the ability to work anywhere. I am gagging that I was able to get an opportunity like this.

I just miss the way life used to be, but we are in different times. I just need to remember that I can't stop living.

So just need to remember to live and...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self


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