What's in my bag??

Before you see what is in my bag, I want just like to take the time to say I real don't just a shit if you think it weird if I have a handbag. It my eyes a bag is a bag is a bag. The process is to carry things that you don't want in your pockets. I don't like carrying things in my pocket because I feel waited down. At the end of the day I like what I like and I am me. Don't like it oh well. 
I thought that this will be an interesting seeing what I carry around with me.

1. The bag in questions is a Rebeeca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini. I have wanted this bag for almost 2 years I believe but never got it. But one day I thought myself fuck it and I looked all over and found it on amazon for like half the price.

2. My cell phone that I never leave the house without is my Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes it is an phone but you will have never know that I take all of photos with this baby. (Shoutout to VSCO Cam)

3. I always have my charger with me because with all of the photos I take my battery dies please fast. I am Galaxy have really good battery life, I just like having my charge above 80 percent.

4. Everyone should have a pen with them at all times. You never know what you are going to have to sign. 

5. I am trying to grow my hair out for over the past year or so but I always cut it to a certain length.  I keep the pick with me to make sure that my hair is looking loop sided or just a hot ass mess.

6. My glasses are always dirty now matter how many times I clean them. So I always carry with me eye glasses cleaner wipes with me. People tell me that I should get contact lenses but I feel like I wouldn't be me. I have been wearing glasses all of my life.

7. Coco Butter stick is everything. Literally can put it anywhere that you want to and it gets the word done.

8. Everyone should have mints on them at all times. You don't know who you are going to run into. Could run into an old friend or a shady bitch that you haven't seen in 4 years. Make sure that your breathe is not hot because you will get clocked.

9. Here are keys that get me from point A to point B because it has my Charlie Card on there. (Charlie Card is a public transportation card like an Oyster Card in the UK). The lion key chain I got from my brother when he went to see The Lion King at the Boston Opera House.

10. Like I said before, my glasses are always dirty so I carry another eye glasses cleaner. Without this I don't know how I would see the world. 

11. I hate when my nails are long like I feel like fucking Catwoman. So whenever I can, I clip them short and no I am not one of those people that do it on the train or at a restaurant. I have some classy for god sake.

Bonous: Something that I forgot to take a picture of is my wallet. I do carry that it my bag because there has been so many times when my wallet have fallen out of my pocket. So I keep it in my bag all the time. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing day, afternon, night, morning and like always...

LOVE yo'self, RESPECT yo'self, TREAT yo'self


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