Finally Enjoying the Summer

I haven't written on here in a longtime but I have a reason so don't kill me. I am interning for most of the summer so I haven't really been able to really do anything. Tuesday i had the day off yesterday which it rain so I just cleaned my hot mess of a room. Wednesday is so beautiful so I decide to step out. We went to the target that was built by Fenway and it is so fucking amazing. It was so nice inside and they need to the college stuff out. I can't believe that this is my last year of college. Seeing all of the stuff got me think that I am going to make the more of than year. Just have fun and not to over think so much.

Anyway after are little adventure in Target, I went to get something to eat at my favorite hotpot pot in the area. I know what you are thinking "Why the fuck are you eating hotpot in 85 degree weather"? My respond is that is fucking good. As you can see in the photo that I shamelessly took, we got a lot of food.

After are amazing meal we walked to Copley to see if anything was happening. The same things really. Fuck load of tourists, people dancing for money (no shade), food trucks, hipsters, and kids moving into the their dorms. I am happy that I got 4 more weeks until I move in because I need some time to just lay my ass down.

We went into the Copley library because my brother had to charger his phone. What else is fucking new because he never chargers it when he is about to go out. I haven't been in there in so long. I guess they are changing things around because everything we on the three floor which was a bitch to get up to.

We know that my fat ass got hungry again, so we stop by Georgetown Cupcakes. I got the banana split and the vanilla & chocolate cupcakes. There were both so good. And yes if you are wondering that is my bag on the table. And yes I know that is looks mad cute and classy. I am going to do a post about men with handbags but anyway.

So now to my outfit of the day. I am wearing my new and favorite pair of shoes that I got from Urban Outfitters on sale. When I first saw them on the website, I didn't know if I was going to wear them because of the bright as orange but I love them. It needs a nice pop to any outfit. My pants are my new joggers from Old Navy. The place where I get all of my clothes from because I know that it is going to fit me. The bag is a Rebecca Minkoff Hudson moto mini which I got from amazon (not sure if they still have some left).

Hope that everyone is having an amazing summer and always remember to...

LOVE yo'self, RESPECT yo'self & TREAT yo'self xoxo


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