Last day of classes

Today was my last day of class of my junior year of class. I can't believe that it is over. I just came back from my Personality class. I learned about my teacher. He was in a heavy metal rock band. He drop out of school at 15 like he doesn't look like that person but yeah can't judge a book by its cover.

It feels like I was just complaining about law class and staying up all tonight to do projects for other class. It was great year and I meet a lot of new people that I could call friends. I don't know if I am ready to even start my senior year yet like lord Jesus take the wheel. I am so ready to start my internship at Nordstrom. I can't believe  that I got it in the first place.

Here is what wore today. Everything that I am wearing is from Old Navy. I just love there clothes. They are at a good price point and I feel like there clothes last a longtime. My shoes by Polo Ralph Lauren bought from Marshals. They were on sale which was the best part.

Hope that everyone day went amazingly and I hope that everyone did good on there finals. I only got two which I am so happy about because I really don't want to study

Remember in the midst of everything, be kind to myself.


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