First Date (Post for the Past)

This is an olddddd blog post that I wrote back in June talking about my first date (I know, I know)!

Hey Everyone,

I hope that everyone is doing well. Here in Boston, we are going in "Phase 2" or 3, which means places have started to open up, and people don't know how to act (I mean some don't). I have been shaking to get a haircut cause GIRLLLLL, I look a damn mess, but we all do so whatever. Am I right????

Anyway, I know why you are here is. To hear all of the tea about my first date (which was last Saturday) so get your glass, mug, cup, whatever ready.

For starters, yes, I went on my first date at the tender age of 26 and why you may ask? Well, to be honest, I have never really seen a reason to date until now. I mean hell to the yes, I have had crushes and liked tons of people, but I have had my focus on other things in my life like hanging out with friends, traveling, exploring new places, and hitting the clubs (we all know my ass hate the club girl). You what I mean. I also felt like dating was a job within itself. Talking to someone for X amount of time, trying to get to know them, and for it not to go anywhere. People ghosting you, pretending to someone they're not, blah, blah with a side of blah. 

But I have decided to try dating apps again. I mean, I have been on the apps for a hot minute now, but I honestly say they are all TRASHHHH (could write a whole blog post about it). 

So this all started on Hinge. I was doing my little swipe left and right, you know girl, until I was stopped. When I saw his photo, I thought to myself, damn he has perfect teeth. Then I thought, "wow, he is so handsome, OKURRR." On the app, you have to like something on someone's profile to message them. So I went liked that photo but I didn't message him because I always do the talking. I continue with my search, then got off the app. But two days later, I received a message from him. I WAS GAGGGEDDDDD. Then we started getting to know each other as you do for about a month and a half. He was so well-spoken and funny. He talked about how he loves to go hiking, and my lying ass said that I did too. Then he suggested that we should go on a hike sometime. I SAID BITCH, DID HE JUST ASK ME ON A DATE?! I said, yes, we should, that would be nice. Then he said, well, let's make it happen and ask for a time and place. I was not ready for all of this like girl, I don't know.

I suggest that we go on a real hike (lying to myself) to Blue Hills, but girl, you know I don't drive, and I didn't even know if he knew how to get there. He suggested that we go to Mount Auburn Cemetery, which made me say to myself, "Ohhhh, okay, Sounds interesting," We made a decision to just meet up and see where the wind takes us. We decide to meet at downtown at 3:00 that Saturday. 

When the day came, I was somewhat nervous, but more about my outfit. I didn't want to be looking like a bum. I had to make sure I was looking cuteeee. My parents saw me getting ready and asked where I was going, and I just said I was meeting up with a homegirl of mine (yes, I lied, sue me). So I got my uber at 2:00, but it didn't come until like 2:25, and made my way downtown with my mask on. 

Before leaving my house, the one thing that I said was to be yourself to the fullest degree. I feel like sometimes when I meet people for the first time. I am so reserved and shy, but I am so over that. Either you love the way I am or get to steppin'. 

I was like late, like ALWAYS. I made my way to our meeting spot which was the movie theater, but I didn't see him. Then my mind started racing with all of the questions. Did he stand me up? What if he's not what he says he is? OMG, is that him right there..nope. So I texted him to let me know I was there. He was confused but he said he was almost here. He sent a photo of where he was and he standing were the stands were in the middle of Downtown. I decided because I was late to head in his direction, meet him was.

I didn't know if I was nervous or having a heat stroke because it was hot as HELLLLL. My heart was beating like a damn Timberland song sis, but I was walking.  Then I saw him sitting on top of the giant stairs that are in the middle of downtown. I could tell it was him even with the mask on. He saw me and waved in my direction. As he was coming down the stairs, I was trying to figure out what to do cause we can't handshake (who handshake on a first date)  or hug (Covid duh). He made it down the stairs, and we both said hey and hitting elbows (soooo awkward). 

It was my first time hearing his voice, and I was pleasantly surprised. He sounded so smart and intelligent. As we got to talking, we made the decision to get on the train and made our way to Cambridge to go to Mouth Auburn Cemetery. They journey to get there was about 45, including a 30-minute walk from the station to get there. It was a little challenging to talk with the mask on. If you know me, I speak really quiet (unless I'm with my homies). I ended up just taking off my mask off because, with all of the walking and talking we were doing, I was losing my breath (Destiny's Child). We literally talked about everything; from work, to hobbies, to music, etc on our way to the cemetery.

We made it to the cemetery and it was actually stunning. There were other people walking around but not a ridiculous amount. We did more talking and learning more about each other. As we were walking, we both were commenting on the crazy but stunning tombstones. There was one huge Sphinx. I mean some of the people that were laid to rest there had some MONEYYYY.

We ended up finding a place to sit which was in front of someone's tombstone named Fisher. We talked even more and I was able to learn so much about him. He took his mask off and I was like yasssss, LOL (eww I'm so ugly). He was more handsome in person and the smile was on a 10. I couldn't even look at him for most of the date because I didn't want to be cheesing the whole time. I was telling myself like "WOW, you are really on a date with a whole ass man in a damn pandemic. GO OFF SIS!" Who woulda thought?  We talked about the places we have traveled and the places we plan to go to. We talked about our likes and dislikes regarding food. We even talked about sparkling water (random but he was given me the tea about it). 

So after talking and walking for about 4 hours, we decide to make a were back to the train station. As we were leaving, I commented saying "Oh I'm sorry I was sitting all up on you Mr. Fisher." And he said, "Why do you think as a people, we often assume that its a man and not a woman"? GIRLLLLLL. I was like you betta get my mind thinking SIRRRRR. This made the conversation take a turn and we talked about the world, society, LGBT+, and so much more on our way back to the train.

We both made it to the train and BABYYYY when I tell you it was hot as fuckkkkk. We were both sweatings (mostly me) and we could be happier to sit on the train for the AC. We both talked about how we had a great time with each other, which made me do the Debbie Ryan smirk (if you know, you know). I asked which stop he was getting off at and he said Downtown Crossing. He asked the same question and I told him I was staying until the last stop. As the train got to Downtown Crossing, he said that he had a great time and that we should do something like this again and I said the same. I honestly wanted to hug him but you know COVID-19 is still in the air, I just sat there with a big smile on my face like a damn LOSERRR. We said our byes and he walked off the train.

Then I made my way home (texted him that I made it home and to tell him again how much fun I had) and got on a zoom birthday call.

So that was my first date. It wasn't too crazy and wild. It was just how I would imagine it. Two people getting to know each other with no dramatic fairy tale opening and closing. I had a great time and felt good to meet someone new since being in the house for almost 4 months. It feels good to go on a date and experience it all from the nervousness, to awkward silence, to over-talking, and to finally feeling over the moon. I mean I think you get the picture.

And I know what you are thinking. If there a second date, have y'all been talking but that's a secret I will never tell. You know you love me...jk nothing happened. (She still single)

Sweater- Old Navy (Sold out), Jeans - ASOS, Boots - ASOS (old)

XOXO None of your damn business. LMAO

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self


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