I'm back...for now

Well, Look what the cat pulled out the trash huntyyyy. Yesssss, it's me Jordan baby and I am back for the time beginning. 

A LOTTTTTT has changed/happened since I last made a post on my blog. I mean, do I really have to get into it girl? The four jobs, to quitting one three weeks in ( I could write about that another time), getting laid off from one, doing some traveling, feeling lost, and overwhelmed. I literally could go on and on, but let the past be the past, and grow from it.

I thought I would come back to the thing that I love the most, which is sharing. I recently went to Nana Agyemang, a social media editor at the New York Magazine (theCUT), virtual Sip n' Slay event last Sunday; and I was so inspired to create. She had so many talented and legendary speakers during the event like Naomi Elizee (Associate Market Editor at Vogue), Mecc James-Williams (stylist & fashion editor), Kia Marie aka TheNotoriousKia and so many more people (go to Every Stylish Girl to get a list of all the speakers).

With the new job that I have now, I look at excel sheets and numbers all day. I mean during my interview my then, the new manager said: "There is nothing creative about this job". I have so many moments where I want to do something but don't know where to begin. After that event and hearing everyone speak, I realized the best place to start is now. 

So that my friends are what I am doing now so come with me on this journey for the 10th time.

Outfit: T-Shirt - ASOS, Denim Jacket - Wrangler, Jeans - ASOS, Bag - Mountainsmith, Shoes - Steven Madden, Necklaces -Mejuri & GLDN

Remember to...

Love yo'self, Respect yo' self, Treat yo' self

Stay save all there <3


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