Fall Outfits

Hey everyone. I hope that everyone is having an amazing week. It's officially fall in Boston, so that means the sweaters are out honey. I got some inspired that I came up with these three outfits to wear anywhere you please. Much sure you make it your own. Be fearless and slay honey.

Outfit 1

This outfit is the type of outfit I would wear all the time. I only thing that I would change will be my shoes. Mock necks are perfect if you don't want to wear a turtle neck. Ain't no trying to look like the Rock. Also it is like you are wearing a scarf. I have been eyeing this coat for such a longtime (haven't bought it yet) because the charcoal grey color. This coat is so chic and timeless. Medium wash jeans are a must because the go with everything. Vans are all over the place and they come in so much colors. The white stripe on the shoes adds a pop. This bag is all my working people out time. It not real leather, so hey to all the vegans out there. It's big enough that you could put a laptop in there and more. The scarf is cashmere honey. YASSSSSS. It is going to keep you warm and going last you a long time (if you take care of it). Love leather watch because they look so vintage to me. Also this watch is under $50. 

1. Borg Overcoat - ASOS
2. Mock Neck - Walmart
3. Medium Wash Jeans - Old Navy
4. Scarf - H&M
5. Vans - Shoes.com
6. Bag - Zara
7. Watch - Timex

Outfit 2

This outfit is so fall to me. The camo jacket goes perfectly with the the maroon striped shirt. It's like Beyonce and Jay-Z or me and food. A perfect match. Light khaki pants brings a lightness to the look. As well as the white shoes. It adds a pop to the dark colors on top. The brown watch has two different metal tones, so you have able to make mix metals. That is why I had need to gold bracelet to this look. The glasses add playful touch to this outfit. I been looking for glasses like this for such a look to time (I am looking for real ones). The chestnut colored tote it big enough to hold anything that you need for work, groceries or a weekend away to Vermont (hella bougie).

1. Maroon Shirt - Old Navy
2. Jacket - Gap
3. Watch - Timex
4. Khaki Pants - Old Navy
5. Bag - FashionABLE
6. Glasses - H&M
7. Vans - Shoes.com
8. Gold Bracelet - H&M

Outfit 3

This outfit it no fuss because you are literally wearing 5 things (not including your under garments). The chambray shirts are perfect because they are not heavy like actually denim. This is great for people like me that are always hot all the time. The details on the front of the cardigan add a dressy touch to this casual outfit.  Here we go again with the camo. ICONIC fall prints. The are little added pops everywhere.These boots are FIREEEE. The chocolate brown goes perfect with the camo pants and the cardigan. Which make the chambray shirt pop. This bracelet is amazing because it it looks like you are wearing three but the GAG is your only wearing one. EVERYTHING.

1. Chambray Shirt - Old Navy
2. Beige Cardigan - Gap
3. Camo Pants - Old Navy
4. Boots - Shoes
5. Bracelets - H&M

Hope everyone got some details on what to wear this fall. I know that everywhere the weather is different to switch it up and make it your own. This three outfit could transform into some many different outfits. Fashion is suppose to be fun honey. Don't stress yourself out. Go head with your bad self.

And also remember to...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self , Treat yo'self


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