Day at the Museum

Hola chicas. I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I can't believe that we are in August like damnnn zaddyy. I can't believe that it is Monday. Jesus take the wheel.

A few weeks ago, I went to Museum of Arts in Boston to check out the Technology in Fashion exhibit. For starters, it was smaller than I thought, but I did enjoy myself. Seeing all these pieces that I have only seen online in person blow my mind gurlll. You get to see some of the photos I took and a a little OOTD.

This piece was made my Comme des Garcons. Honesty don't remember much about this piece but it is so chic. Sometimes when I look at pieces from this collection, I wonder who would think about wearing this. There I open a magazine and see someone wearing a piece. It shows you that fashion is what ever you want it to be,

Long live the Queen, Alexander McQueen duh. 

Don't remember who made this neon sign. I like the words that were used. I need to start doing some of these things especically relax. My mind goes all over the place now that I am done with college. Trying to find a job, that I am going to enjoy, while trying to get to my dream job. 

Viktor and Rolf number is so chic. Slay my edges all the way off. I remember watching this show fashion week and couldnt believe my eyes. Models are literally walking paintings. Could you imagine wearing this to the club?. Hot mess.

Here is a dress that was made by Iris van Herpen. She is known to create the most amazing pieces. Here is a piece from one of her collections were the dress looks like water being splashed on someone. This is close up picture of the dress.

Here is a picture of the dress on Daphane Guiness is a fashion icon. Get into her hair. CHIC

Here is alittle OOTD for you guys. It was one of those weird day cold summer days, So you know I bought out the layers. All of my clothes are from Old Navy and the shoes are from ASOS. I liked this outfit because of the laying but also the color pastels. The gray, white and the baby blue. 

I was giving the kids wind realness. 
Shoutout to my brother for taking these photos of me.

It is another start to the work week. I hope that everyone is feeling well rested and ready to kick August ass. Like always grab you a coffee, relax and remember too,,,

Love yo'self Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self


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