Girlllllllllll, How are we in April already? I can't but anyway, I was on Tumblr on the other day and I saw these two quotes. The first being "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first" and the second is "To be beautiful means to be yourself".

You probably think that these quotes are both the same but I look at them in a different way.  The first quote is one that I try to live by all of the time. People ask me all of the time "why are you not in a relationship?", "why are you not looking?" or "Girl, you're borin, you need to step out ". To be honest with you, I am "looking" but it not for someone and that person is me. I can see you face now like WTF is the bitch talking about. 

I am looking for me in a sense that I want to fall in love with yourself. This is not me saying that I already don't love myself because you know I do. I just want to love myself even more. More than anyone. With every flaw, wrinkle, pimple, fat, just all of it.  I only get one body and one life. I don't want to have to look for someone to give me that love. I know, I am getting deep on that ass but it is true. I want to actually go on talk to someone without think that there is something wrong with me. That my stomach is poking a little to much, my teeth aren't straight enough, my hair is a hot mess. Just be apologetically me. Jordan.

The second quote is more internal to me. People's first impression of me is I am quiet, shy and somewhat reserved. I have always been quiet when meeting new people. The reason being  that i am observing people's habits and traits. It is like I am looking to see what are things they like in a person so that they can like me. Instead of me just being who I truly me. When you are truly yourself, it is like the world can't stop you. No one can bring you down because you are living in your truth. And the is the most beautiful thing. 

Everyday I am learning to live in my truth and just be me. Sometimes I still go back into my shell of shyness but I got my friends and family to push me out of it. Showing people that your true self is that best thing that you could ever do. Yes, it is scary because people can be judgment, say ignorant things, bring you down and make you feel like shit but they are just mad. Mad that you are just being you and they are trying to keep with everyone instead of going on their own path. 

Be beautiful, be yourself.

And on that note, hope that everyone is having an amazing day and like always...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self

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