Whatcha Got Whatcha Got

When that direct deposit hits and you buy everything that you see

I have been buying some many shoes. I don't know what my problem is but anytime I see shoes I need to buy them. I am going to start with left to right. Everyone needs a white pair of Adidas Superstar. They go with everything and can take an outfit for basic to minimalist chic.

Second pair of shoes are from Zara which I got in the sale (sold out). They were kind of a spontaneous purchase and I didn't even know if I would like them. But when I got them in the email the first thing that came to mind was "COME THRUUUUU ZARA yassssss hunty". They remind of the Givenchy boots with chain going across them. Love them.

Last pair are some snow boots by Kamik. It was snowing like a week ago, so I thought that I would get me some boots. If you are from New England you need to get you some winter boots. When all know how mother nature be acting. The boots are so comfortable. 

Have been real uninspired with fashion so I thought that I want get some books to help me. On my search I found Men in this Town and my whole outlook on fashion has changed. I feel like sometime in fashion, we feel like we have to stick to a certain look. Like being minimal or preppy or urban. But getting this book as shown me with clothes, I can be who ever I want to be. I knew that I had to get the Women in this town which is equally amazing. 

If you didn't know, Walgreens had a sale on Shea Moisture products where it was buy 1 get 1 free. EXCUSEEEE MEEEEE. YASSSS LAWDDD. So you know damn well that I need to get on the deal. All of these products I have never tired before but since I have been using SheaMoisure for like 2 years I thought I would give this a chance.


Shampoo & Conditioner 

Body Butter
SheaMositure Coconut & Hibiscus (smells so good and it makes your skin so soft)

Jamaican Black Castor

You can buy all of these on Walgreens or anything else that sales African American hair care products.

Last item that I purchased was a wallet. I purchase this from Target and it is the best thing ever. I have regular fold wallet and I kept miss placing it. Losing it in my room all of the time. I was so done done girl so I got myself a longer wallet. This are so perfect because they are big enough that you can see it. You can open and see everything so I am not going to through all of my cards. I like have my money not folded.

Hope everyone is having an amazing morning, afternoon, evening, or night hunty yasssss and...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'elf, Treat yo'self

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  1. great post. those fashion books look really cool.

    1. they are so good. hopefully I can make a book like that.


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