HAULA at your boyy

I know what you are thinking. What a corny ass title, but whatever I think that it was creative and cute. So I ordered some stuff off of the Old Navy website and my package came in the mail. I was so happy with everything ( not everything everything because two of the 8 shirts that are got were ugly as hell) that I thought I would share them with you guys and girls.

The Button up Shirt
Button up shirt can take an outfit from casual to dress just from the way that you style it. The flannel button up shirt below could be worn as a shirt and also as a layering piece. In New England, we get days were it is 74 degrees in September, so you don't want to be walking around with a jacket. Throw on a flannel for add warmth and some color. 

 I thought this button up shirt was perfect for going out, job interviews, or for dressy casual events. I love how the shirt is white because it has little added detail to it. 

The Denim Jacket
Everyone needs and should have a denim jacket in their closet for the fall season. It goes with everything. The dark denim is perfect for making your outfit casual.

The T-Shirt
I looooovvee t-shirts because you can pair anything. They are good for days when you are in rush or you're just chillin with friends. I love these two shirt for not only the color but also they go perfectly with my denim jacket.  

Hope that you all are having an amazing week so far and always remember too...
Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self

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