20 Random Facts about Me, Myself, and I

I know that I gave you a brief little info section with me on and first blog post but I like you derserve more from me. So here are 20 random facts about me.

1.       I love remixes to song instead of the original version.
2.       I am a college Junior that goes to Johnson & Wales University.
3.       I am from Boston, MA for go to school in Rhode Island.
4.       I love coffee and tea like I am have a coffee or tea a day. It is so good with some milk and sugar
5.       I want to live in Paris or New York went I retire.
6.       I my dream job is the do a visual merchandiser or to be an editor at a magazine.
7.       One of the place I would love to visit before I turn 30 (which is in 10 years) in Tokyo. When I was younger I was obsessed when everything and anything Japanese or anime related. The fast pace life. All of the food and the fashion is crazy.
8.       When I was younger I want to be either an ice skater, marine biologist or a horse trainer. Then I can to realize that I can’t skate to save my life. Don’t like deep water other than a pool. Horse creep me out a little bit.
9.       In 3 and half mouths I will be turning 21. (TURNNNN UPPPP)
10.   When I was senior in high school, I went on a trip to Europe to learn about the Holocaust and the country where we were visiting.
a.       I almost got suspend for three days and won’t be able to go to prom for being a bystander when my friends on the trip got taught drink
11.   I think quinoa is so nasty and disgusting. It reminds me of fish eggs like no thank you
12.   I like Samsung products better than Apple products. I mean Apple products are nice but I think they just look nice. You can do some much a Samsung Galaxy phone than Apple.
13.   Maxwell and Lenny Kravitz. That’s all.
14.   Some of my favorite shows are Sex and the City, Girlfriends, Scandal, How to get Away with Murder, The Mindy Project, Mike and Molly, Mom, Beyond Scared Straight (those kids are so damn bad), Shameless ( just started watching season one  and all I can say is YASSSSSSSSSSS).
15.   One of my favorite songs is “You don’t know my name” by Alicia Keys.
16.   I am have dog named Friday. The reason for the name is because we got him on a Friday.
17.   I loveeeeeeeeeeee food like yasssssssssssssss to food.
18.   Cereal is one of my favorite snacks to eat. It is so good come in after a long day.
19.   I don’t like the dark at all.
20.   Favorite book is The Great Gatsby.


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