Outfits of the Week: #1

Hey Hi Hello Yoo What's Up. Hope that everyone is doing well. I am back, back, back, back, back again HUNNNTYYY with outfits that I have worn without the week.

You should I have seen my face when my office finally got mirrors. I could hear angels singing from the sky (I know, DRAMATIC) but it's true. It's hard trying to find a mirror that isn't inside of a store or a shop window but anyway let's go through my outfits. 

(I want to note that some of the pieces are from WAYYYY back when, so I will be putting link to the other pieces that look like the ones I am wearing.)

Monday's Outfit
Coat - Old Navy (something like it), Sweater - Old Navy (something like it), Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - Steve Madden

I LOVEEEEE outfits like this. Throw on a sweater, distressed denim jeans, sickening shoes, an overcoat and you're Namoi Campbell walking out the door. The overcoat is from Old Navy that I got 2 years ago. In the photo, it looks black but it more of dark charcoal color. Overcoats instantly make an outfit look more dressed up because of the sharp tailoring detail. The leopard print shoes are the show stopper in this outfit. When I bought, I didn't know that I was going to some much wear out of them because they arr so extra. But leopard LITERALLY goes with everything and they add just right amount of edge to an outfit. 

Tuesday's Outfit
Jacket - Old Navy (something like it), Sweater - Old Navy, Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - G.H. Bass & Co, Bag - Coach

This one of my favorite outfits from the week. I love all the warm tones throughout the look. The sweater is so WARM, it literally feels like I am actually hugging a bear. The jeans added a fun twist to the outfit because they have light denim stripe going down the side of them. My nrw crossboy bag is from Coach and I love it. I wasn't sure if I was going to like of the monogram C's on it but adds more detail to an outfit. The size is amazing for anyone that doesn't carry much them.

Wednesday's Outfit
Jacket - GAP (something like it), Long Sleeve Shirt - Old Navy (something like it), Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - Vans, Watch - Casio

I call this outfit "Is it Friday yet"? I wasn't trying AT ALL this day. I just want to be casual and comfortable. I love this GAP shirt jacket because it's the PERFECT khaki green color for all seasons. Also, since the weather is getting cold, it makes the perfect laying pieces. The long sleeves shirt is something that I bring out every year. The rich maroon color goes amazingly with all colors for fall. Also, you can't tell but the shirt is made of thick cotton fabric. You have the able to wear a light jacket. Everyone should own a pair of white vans. They got eith everything and they are so comfortable.

Thursday's Outfit
Hoodie - Hanes, Denim Jacket - Old Navy, Khaki Pants - ASOS, Shoes - Vans, Watch - Casio

My 'hood minimalist look". LOL. Get it. Hood? I'm wearing a hoodie? I am too funny. I can't with myself but let's get back to the outfit. I feel like I never really wear a hoodie unless I am in the house. but I have been feeling them for the past few months. There is a photo of my favorite person EVERRRR, Garance Dore wearing a hoodie under a blazer. It looked so CHIIICCCC. So I thought I would do the same with a black denim jacket. I thought this outfit was the perfect time to wear my flames vans. The add some color to this very minimal look.

Friday's Outfit
Sweater - Old Navy (can't find similar item), Chambray Shirt - Wrangler, White Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - Slip On Vans, Watch - Casio

We have made it to FRRIIIDAAYYYY. Praise the lord HENNNYYYYY. I know what you are looking. Is he wearing white after labor white? I SURE THE FUCK AM. I love white the fall and winter season because it looks so against the warm and dark colors. This is my color blocking look. The main color through this look it is...WHITE from my shoes, jeans, and sweater. I love the sweater because of the different colors and textures of it. It can pair it with anything and it looks you have tried harder than you actually did.

So those are all my outfits for this week. I hope that you ladies and gentlemen get some inspiration for this looks. My style as you can see is casual but with a little switch added in there.

Like I say all the time...

Love yo'self', Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self



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