Overall, things take time

I know what you are thinking. Jordan, get the fuck up. This is the second outfit of the day where I am sat down but I can't help it. Mama's tired.  This past Thursday, I took a mini trip to Providence to visit my friendto clear my mind. So I thought I would share with you.

 I graduated from college about 7 months ago. During those 7 months, I held a retail position and did an internship. Now that my internship has come to an end,  I am on the job hunt for something that is full-time. More importantly is to find a work that I living doing.  Let me tell you, trying to find a job that you love straight out of college is a struggle bus. Sometimes I think that my dream job is just a figment of my imagination and it's unreachable.

But after a lot walking, conversations over delish Mexican food and catching up with friends I realized that everything takes time. It is weird to not be doing anything now that school is over. I have been on a schedule for like 19 years and now it just stopped. I feel lazy, even when I trying to do creative things. Then all of the questions from family members asking me what am I doing. I feel like I always have to have an answer but I don't. I feel like people don't talk about life after graduating. Everything supposed to come together once you get that piece of paper which is not the case

But that is okay that things are not going the way I want them to. Maybe it is God way of saying take your time, experience life, trip, make new friends, relax, just breathe. I was watching something and Wendy Williams said to have fun when you are young because once you start "working working" it is hard to have fun. 

 Take my time and everything will come together. I don't want to rush life and stress about something that is going to happen when it happens. I have to keep on pushing and know that whatever I do, I am going to put 124% into it.

I thought I was finished writing but I forgot to talk about my outfit. The overalls are from Target online Wrangler. So you need they are going to last a long time. Shirt and jacket are both from Old Navy obviously. Shoes are from ASOS. Not only did I get them on sale, I got the last pair in my sizes. LIVINGGGGGGG.

I hope everyone is doing well and have an amazing September. We are almost in October. Give ready for Halloween kids. Like always...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self


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