Throw it the bag

When to target to just to get cleanse wipes but you know when you go into target you come out with 50 other things. I thought that I want get some face masks. I feel like someone is so obsessed with doing them, I thought I would give some a try. They are all by Que Bella and all do different things. I got the refining, relaxing (which I won't be getting again because it burns when you put it on), deep cleansing, pore minimizing, and revitalizing. 

Then I got me some more face wipes, even though the are now good for your face because you are causing wrinkles. I just want something fast and simple to use. (no pun intend)

I have always wanted to get bath bombs for Lush but I never have to the time to go or forget to go. But I finally went and picked up some stuff. I honestly don't know what I go. I was on my "throw it in the bag" shit because I got paid. But the name of the items are called (from left to right) The experiment, Big Bang, Sea monster and A French Kiss (use and thought it was bath bomb but it was a bubble bar. You should have saw my face when I didn't see it fizzy.)

I smelled this fragrance awhile ago and forgot about it. When I was on my break, I went to go smell it again and I was like YASSSSSSSSSSSSS. Elizabeth and James Nirvana smells like Tom Ford Black Orchid but not as strong. And Also less expensive. 

Adidas you have done it again with these sick sneakers. I want these for for so long. I ordered them only to ship it to the wrong address. Canceled the order, for them to be sold out. Lost all hope and randomly went back to see if the had my size. THEY DID and the price was reduced. They have pony hair affect Stan Smiths. Look out for some outfit of the days with these.

Hope that everyone is doing well. Sorry my post are all over the place. Just been in a funk with myself lately. I think I just need vacation and sometime to get away but whatever. 

To all of my black brothas and sista out there. I love you and be safe. 

and with that. raise you glasses up high and...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self


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