Music Monday


If you don't know, I LOVEEE music. Like if I wasn't in fashion so much, I would be the next Adele/Beyonce/Rihanna/Nick Minaj. Music can take me to so many places like  to church, to the club, to a backyard cookout. So I thought that I would create a playlist of songs that I am love right now. Some are new and some a very old but that is why I love music so much. Doesn't matter how old the song is. It stays to places with just a simple beat, lyric or flow.

Hope that everyone is having an amazing Monday. You betta push thru and...

Love yo'self, Respect yo'self, Treat yo'self

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  1. i loooove that i am able to listen to everything on your site & i LOVE the new banner! yessssss ! go best friend!


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